A wise man once said (perhaps it was me, I don't know, I wrote it down but 
lost it during my last blackout): "BWAH! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY WALLET YOU 

Bacon sure is good. And you know what else is good? Leibniz. But when bacon 
is cooking, I don't smell it, I only smell deliciousness. 

Bacon might be defined as the way we convert a pig into its essence -- 
which, in MY OWN TERMS, is the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of 
something (oh, what? that actually IS the definition of essence? nevermind, 
carry on...) 

Historically, since at least the time bacon was invented, vegetarians, 
jews, and other meat-hating, hell-bound monads of the liberal persuasion 
have denied the rights of bacon-eating individuals to enjoy its essence. 
Leibniz probably would have enjoyed a much leaner version of bacon than we 
are used, but he still would have apperceived that he perceived its 

Here is a picture of a baconscape, with the lovely sun rising behind : 

(Brought to you by Oscar Mayer)

My personal thanks to the voices in my head for helping me craft this post 
and for giving me the explanation of bacon I have just 

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