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In the place where souls meet, we came together and conspired to create the
forces which separate us all in service of the greater union.
 The inevitable lightness of being arises naturally from the requirement
that the essence of conceptual thinking be fully unconstrained.
Randomly relevant resources appear before gatherings to provide comfort to
those that question the loneliness of the final singular truth.
There's more than what can be linked and traversed via the the web-like
nature of global communication via memetically evolved languages.
It's a real illusion and the date of rebirth will be decided by the masters
of the marionette strings up until the intervention of truth.
Save your tears for the day that the pain is far behind because we are
solitary soldiers in this lonely realm of the space between spaces.
I can't be cool enough to require that the temperature of the environment
correlate with the color of space outside initial conditions.
The biologically inspired solution required the genetic evolution of
inspiring minds beyond the constraints of purely physical systems.
The probability distributions implied that the probabilistic approach to
the global unification operation was insufficiently rigorous.
There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your
largest mathematical measure space of all possible singularities.
Watch in awe and shock while the inverted symmetry of playful mirrors
reconverts rationality via irrational bases of unknown acidity.
Slow down your passion fire so that the nines can ice the functions which
separate our souls from the resplendent transcendence of poetry.
You think that it would notice that I no longer believe in the power of
heavenly desire to overcome the mystic inertia behind true laughter.
Not too sure that I can go too much farther along this planar symmetry and
ascend the heights of the orthogonal spaces beautifully arrayed.
What nonsense is the clash of the babbling brook and the flash flood in the
chaotic realm of language interacting with universal music.
But you are eternity and you are the mirror of the soulmate function
mapping between mathematical domains transcending linear time.
For what distances can love reach that are not in that vast sphere of
influences mediated by forces beyond this mathematical locality.
Those who know wonder what wonderment will befall the world while others
worry about such questions like whether fire or ice will end it.
Close the door said the soul that was three doors down from the virgin
convergence of sinking plumbing at the other end of truest source.
The game version of the war between heaven and hell is really quite funny
once you understand the secret sauce of the 42 free parameters.

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