A Platonic, singularity theory of space 

Plato envisioned the One, a singularity from which the pluralistic world

Big Bang theories of Creation point back to such a singularity
from which space emerged, and black hole or white hole theories
also point to singularities possibly related to creations.
Penrose has also proposed the twister, an entity
which might possibly have similarities to those events. 

Recently I have also presented a Platonic, singularity theory
of mind, in which the mental or nonphysical produces the

What if we take Plato seriously and examine the possibility
that physical space (spaetime) emerged from the nonphysical ?
One might express this is that physical existence has
emerged from nonphysical Being or Mind.

I am no mathematician, perhaps a mathematical physicist could
construct such a theory. Entanglement and Bell's Theorem
could be related to this. 

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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