I once have heard that Karl Pribram has a theory of a holographic brain and decided to read his latest book

Karl H Pribram, The Form Within: My Point of View.

Unfortunately I was unable to understand his theory, as for me the book was too eclectic. One quote that I like is below, but I have failed to understand how he has come exactly to such a conclusion based on neuroscience.

Does someone here know his theory? Is there somewhere a better description of his ideas as in his book?


p. 531-532 “Most important, ‘in ancient times’ we navigated our world and discovered experiences in ourselves that reflected what we observed in the world: We woke at sunrise and slept at sunset. We were intimately connected at every level with the cycles of nature. This process was disrupted by the Copernican revolution, by its aftermaths in biology – even by our explorations of quantum physics and cosmology – and in the resulting interpretations of our personal experiences. But today, once again, we have rediscovered that it is we who observe our cosmos and are aware that we observe; that it is we who observe our navigation of our world and observe our own observations.”

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