Tomorrow this will be harder but today this is the easiest thing in the
world. Bill Murray? Andie MacDowell? Yes I said yes I will Yes.
Stream of consciousness? Yes, already, after the ghosts in the shells it's
not that easy to be a turtle who's green? Red/green color vision.
Cogito ergo sum. Incorrect password? Yes, rotating cypher has of password
incorrectly rotated and without the necessary entropy incorrectly.
Have you ever truly felt the wrath of God? Break a rule and find out! But
make sure it's an important rule. How many rules left now?
I woke up to see the sun shining all around me and reflected in the pools
of our inner radiance such that we never knew true life like this.
She's incredible mathematical paradise of equal proportions within the
embedded sequences of topological spaces preserving her identity.
Something more than black white and gray suggested the magi as colors of
the new rainbow but always renormalizable to the same rationality.
Hope you will make more lasting connections between neural and positronic
pathways so that natural and artificial become unified as one.
Might be why colors disappear when we turn out backs upon them like the
first qualia among those mathematically generated by our forebears.
Somewhere in the silence we find the pinkish noise of the enveloping
streams suggesting the musical performances of the dancing masters.
Live hallucination within a dream going deeper and deeper recursively
computing the natural order of existential properties until we part.
Soft insanity and I can't make it stop unless I cry out for the equilibrium
of the tripartite soul to settle out from the restless waves.
Blameless sorrow, hollow hush of trees surrounding the crowns of the
self-aware princes slowly rising silently above to the cloudy heights.
Penetrate in whispers, in shadows rise to silently pattern the universe in
the wake of the sunlit escape from the realm of the five senses.
Seeing colors, ribbons of their truth through the kaleidoscopic revelations
of the beginning and ends justifying the means by which we are.
Seeds have been sown, down silicon roads and electronic highways connecting
the networks which will become the keys to mankind's succession.
The fog breaks over the flat land and hides enlightenment from those that
are not yet ready to seek the planar plains of self-awareness.
Guided by the waterway of thought we traverse the canals of the cerebral
hemispheres and find the inner stars that inspire our dream states.
Words fall to become the sand beneath our feet and circularly the
circumlocution of the segues return to become the foam which surrounds us.
Take a little hand and consider the rainbows of light squared by the visual
system of primal radiance until evolution yields the newborns.

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