Niels Bohr is famously quoted as saying: 'Everything we call real is made of 
things that 
cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked 
you, you
haven't understood it yet.” 


Aage Bohr tried to explain something about te quantum domain and (perhaps) 
Bohr's interpretation of the quantum "world".

That was during a debate about another famous quotation of Niels Bohr.

Among the comments there was also this one:
"What I remember most, however, is not Weisskopf's comment, but a story 
told by Stephan Berko, my freshman physics professor in 1966-67, who 
was also in the audience at that talk.  After listening to the rather 
inconclusive discussion among Mermin, Weisskopf, and others, Berko 
recalled something that Bohr said to him - in fact, the only thing Bohr 
ever said to him directly.  Berko had been visiting the Institute for 
Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen in 1958 and attended a holiday party, 
which featured a magic show.  After watching some particularly baffling 
magic tricks, Bohr turned to him and said, "It's all done with smoke 
and mirrors!" -Michael Gerver "

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