On 24 November 2013 21:36, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> And - PLEASE - do not forget the *G U N S !*  (Not that only guns could
> kill, but they are the easiest to use in killing other human beings. And it
> brings huge advantage to entrepreneurs and State Governments).
> We should not prohibit guns either (although we could enforce serious
> regulations, and try to avoid selling efficacious automated guns to
> neurotic kids).
> In principle, I am in favor of the personal atomic bomb (take this with
> some amount of grains of salt).

Also my viewpoint. With a grain of salt.

Actually it doesn't seem hard to make an atomic bomb if you have the
materials. It's kind of surprising no one has done so (or stolen one for
ransom, as per "Thunderball".)

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