>From Leibniz: gravity is the universal striving toward a more perfect beauty 

James Collins, in chapter III, section 3 of "The Continental Rationalists",
[Bruce publishing, 1967] discusses the metaphysics of Leibniz,
in particular Leibniz's belief that the universe is striving toward 
a more perfect harmony, which is unity. In other words, the universe
is heading toward the convergence of Plato's Many to Plato's One.
You may recall that beauty is the presence of unity in diversity,
so this would be a striving toward a more perfect beauty (unity).

We so not know that Leibniz actually developed a theory of 
gravity based on this concept, but it would seem to be a 
natural observation. This universal convergence also 
corresponds to Leibniz's theory of universal perception, 
in which the mental universe is an infinite collection of 
monads (which range from people to rocks) perceiving each 
other from their various standpoints, with their perceptions 
constantly converging via the One toward  a "face-to-face" positioning. 

Note that all physical interactions in Idealism are actually
caused mentally, so that a change in perceptions of monads 
constitutes a change in positions or other perceived attributes 
such as shape or temperature as well as mood. The changes 
are not actually caused by interactions between monads
(since being independent, there can be no relations between 
monads) but are caused by the One in its search for a more 
perfect harmony or unity.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
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