A very important point which I cover extensively in my book, but rather 
subtle to grasp.

Reality clearly exists. There is something really here now and actual and 
happening. The totality of that is defined as reality and I refer to its 
'stuff' (non-physical but real and actual) as an entity I call 'ontological 
energy'. It is somewhat similar to the ancient concept of Tao.

This ontological energy is originally formless, similar to a generalized 
quantum vacuum, and contains the possibilities of all information forms 
which can arise within it. Similar to a formless sea of water whose nature 
determines what forms of waves, currents and ripples which can arise within 

The universe, at its fundamental level, is all the information forms that 
are actualized within ontological energy, beginning with the big bang, and 
which continue to evolve according to the laws of nature (the 
logico-mathematics of reality which we have been discussing).

Thus the complete picture of reality consists of the original formless sea 
(logical space) of ontological energy and all the evolving forms which 
exist within it. These forms, everything in the universe, are pure 
information only and have no self-substances other than the ontological 
energy in which they arise. Just as the self-substances of all wave forms 
in water is only water.

Now to answer your question, it is the fact that the information forms are 
forms that exist in the sea of reality (the ontological energy) that makes 
them real and actual, and the fact that happening is one of the fundamental 
aspects of ontological energy that gives them the fire of life as they 
continually computationally evolve to manifest the real actual universe. 
This is why the information structures of reality are real and actual but 
those of computer software simulating something is not, because they run in 
reality rather than some silicon computer....

The universe can/must be considered a living entity in the sense that it is 
self-animated from within. There is no external force that moves it and 
there could not be since by definition it includes everything. Therefore 
the universe is a living entity, and our life and the life of all things 
comes from the fact that we are information forms, programs, that run 
within reality.

This is the source of the 'fire' that animates the information....


On Dec 22, 2013, at 1:36 PM, Stephen Paul King wrote:

Dear Edger,

  Where does the "fire" come from that animates the "logic"?

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