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Hi Bruno Marchal

Good to hear from you. Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas Roger.

We differ basically in the role that thinking by the One plays.
My view is that thinking by the One was only a one-time event
(but from the aspect of eternity) as part of creation.

I think (and can explain in the comp frame) that such an event is "logical" and out of time and space.

After that, the One has slept. He let the pre-established harmony
take over.

I follow Leibniz in believing that, metaphorically,
on the 7th day if creation, God (the One), having
created all things, sat down and thought out (from the aspect of eternity, not spacetime ) and wrote a computer program called the "pre- established harmony" (the PEH) that gives a map of the where and when for all future motions of the physical objects in spacetime. Hsaving done that, no more
thinking by the One was necessary, and so the One sleeps,
its own thinking and instructions for actions (the PEH) having
been done.

Since the PEH was written from the aspect of eternity,
we still have free will, as the One, in writing its computer
program, would know (but not force) what actions we choose to

This is our critical difference.You seem to have no mechanism
(such as the PEH, which includes the actions and perceptions
in time by the One) to cause physical events to happen.

The PEH is in the true relation between the numbers, they emulate *all* programs. The key point is that our "reality" is not one of those computations. It is, in some sense (explained in my posts and papers), *all* computations, which give rise to some apparent non computable aspect in nature, and theology.


Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
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