Hi Russell,

Glad you agree with my approach here. No, I haven't worked out the 
mathematical details and that certainly should be on science's 'to do' 
list. However there is considerable more detail on how this works and how 
General Relativity emerges automatically from quantum events in my book 
'Reality' on Amazon.

I can discuss more details here if they come up...


On Monday, December 23, 2013 7:15:13 PM UTC-5, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
> All,
> Someone asked somewhere if I cover quantum theory in my book. Yes, I do. 
> The entire 'Part III: Elementals' of the book covers reality at its finest 
> scale, the quantum world. I'll summarize here but can only gloss over some 
> of the main points.....
> As stated before reality, at its most fundamental level, consists of pure 
> computationally evolving information only. It is not physical. Thus there 
> is no dimensional spacetime. Dimensional spacetime is in fact something 
> that arises from quantum events, e.g. the conservation of particle 
> properties as they are computed in particle interactions that specify the 
> dimensional relationships between particles emerging from particle 
> interactions, such as relative energies and momenta.
> It is these purely numeric NON-physical computed dimensional relationships 
> that are part of the fundamental computational reality. Thus instead of a 
> single pre-existing all pervading spacetime that exists as a background to 
> all events, what really happens is that many independent mini-spacetimes 
> arise from networks of particle interactions. 
> It is only when these networks connect via common events that their 
> spacetimes merge into larger mini-spacetimes, and the spacetime that we 
> think we inhabit is actually the end result of the merging of innumerable 
> mini-spacetimes as the result of all the billions of particle level events 
> we continually interact with, e.g. all the photons impinging on our retinas.
> These continual particle level interactions build up the simulacrum of a 
> classical spacetime and our minds then interpolate that and mentally 
> construct a fixed, pre-existing common spacetime that does not actually 
> exist in external reality itself even though our minds convince us that it 
> does.
> Now there is plenty of evidence this view is correct, part of which is 
> that it solves two of the most profound problems of physics.....
> The beauty of this insight is that it enables two very important advances.
> 1. First it enables the conceptual unification of general relativity and 
> quantum theory because the reason they seem incompatible is precisely the 
> pre-existing all pervading spacetime that quantum theory mistakenly 
> assumes. When it is understood that spacetime emerges from quantum events 
> rather than being a pre-existing background to them this incompatibility 
> vanishes and in fact it is easy to get the curved spacetime of general 
> relativity directly from this emergence by simply taking the mass-energy 
> particle property as the scale of the spacetime that emerges.
> 2. In one fell swoop it eliminates ALL quantum paradox. Why? Because 
> quantum processes only seem paradoxical again with respect to the 
> pre-existing fixed common spacetime mistakenly assumed. When the way 
> spacetime emerges FROM quantum processes is understood all the paradoxical 
> nature of quantum theory vanishes.
> Now, I know this probably seems counter intuitive and is a lot to get 
> one's mind around in one post which is not as clearly stated as I'd like 
> but I'd be happy to explain further or you can read my book available on 
> Amazon under my name. When it is properly understood it becomes quite clear 
> and very obvious and it is so simple and straightforward one wonders why no 
> one discovered it before....
> Edgar

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