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    PS just to give a flavour here is one of my posts :-)

    "Alan Turing gets a royal pardon"

    And about bloody time! (Virtually) win the second world war and (virtually) 
    computers, be driven to suicide by the police and they've kept his "pardon" 
back all
    this time.

    FFS, you dare to wait this long to pardon him for something that hasn't 
been a crime
    for god knows how long - the man who rewrite the history of the 20th 
century for the
    better - you aren't worthy to kiss his boots, you bunch of....

I find the "pardon" thing offensive. There's nothing to pardon. What they should do is apologise. Turing is the one who would have something to pardon.

I absolutely agree.

But did you read this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18561092 ?


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