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If you had walked up to someone living in prehistoric times and had a 
conversation about the Sun and the Moon, it would probably be an easy way 
of talking about the concept of opposites. It’s an embodied metaphor which 
is almost absurdly plain. The Sun, a featureless disk of blinding radiance, 
unchanging yet burning – it looks like it could be a circular window into 
pure and infinite energy. The Moon *is like everything that the Sun is not 
like*. Its changing phases reveal shapes and features on the surface, 
sometimes orb-like, sometimes disc-like. The Moon’s darkness reveals that 
it reflects and receives the Sun’s light rather than produces its own, and 
because of that, and its association with the night and the tides, seems 
cool, and silvery to the sun’s golden warmth. Moonlight isn’t bright enough 
to allow us to see color, as noted in that Moody Blues song:

Cold hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colours from our sight
Red is gray and yellow, white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion

How surprised a prehistoric astronomer would be to travel into the 21st 
century AD and find that all of that is complete horseshit. We now 
understand that most of what makes the Sun and Moon perfectly alike and 
unlike, from their similar apparent size to their duality, to their role in 
marking time and mytho-poetic extremes are purely coincidental. We just so 
happen to orbit one star, and be orbited by one natural satellite. The 
ratio of distance to size just happens to equal out so that the discs in 
the sky can often appear to be the same size, especially in conjunction. 
Indeed, the Sun is not only just an unremarkable star, but stars are just 
balls of exploding gas – huge spheres that have life cycles of their own.

There are some things that both the archaic and modern astronomer could use 
as a basis to preserve some symmetry of comparison. The Earth is to the Sun 
as the Moon is to the Earth as far as orbits are concerned. The Earth 
metabolizes the Suns energy with a biosphere generated atmosphere, where 
the Moon mainly reflects it.

The way that we treat the Sun and Moon now, compared to the way that humans 
had always treated them before science can be understood as a four 
dimensional dipole – a circuit through time, or really a meta-circuit since 
the dipole begins with a polar mytho-poetic understanding and ends with an 
elliptical mass-energetic understanding. Which leads me to some crazed 
ideas about electrostatic and magnetic force.

*Notes on magnetism:*

Watching the Khan Academy Introduction to 
I feel like I am finally making some headway into understanding the 
difference between electric and magnetic force. As he explains in the 
video, magnetic fields have are dipoles, they have North and South poles no 
matter how you break them up*. Electrostatic force is about positive and 
negative charge, but they can stand alone…at least (I’m thinking), alone *at 
any given time*.

What’s the difference? If we think of magnetic force as a spatial dipole, 
because its polarity is always adjacent, then why not think of electric 
charge as a dipole across time? But wait, it gets better. Because time is 
not fixed and is open ended, the electric metaphor poses charge like a 
question which can be answered at any time, and which wants to be answered 
and asked again and again. For the positively charged mass, negative charge 
exists as an image, an expectation of a presence which is currently absent 
but must eventually be present in the fullness of time (eternity, if 

It could be said that the electric force, figuratively if not literally 
(but maybe literally, given a rehabilitated view of physics), creates time. 
It is *the animation of circuitry.* Electricity is algebraic and logical as 
it arcs from vector to vector directly, like a lightning bolt, hopping 
across gaps in logical steps. It is a path finder and path maker.

The magnetic force would then make sense as the creator or projector of 
space. It is the container of time, flattening cycles to circles. The 
magnetic force doesn’t draw lines, it aligns and orients, receives and 
presents spatial aesthetics to and from surrounding territories. If 
electricity is sensory motivation, then magnetism is motive sensation – a 
spatial feeling and knowing to match electrostatic being and doing.

Through Maxwell and then Einstein, we understand that these two modalities 
of interaction are the same thing but phase shifted by relativistic frame 
of reference. My understanding now leans toward seeing electricity as 
marking the “arctic” polar extremes in reference frames; the Innermost 
Metaphorical and the Outermost Binary kinds of relation, while magnetism 
presents the “tropic” counterpoint, describing how smaller and larger 
scaled bodies are nested within each other. Current flowing through a wire 
creates a magnetic force around the wire,  it’s about the embodiment of the 
wire as a whole and how it relates to other macroscopically. The electric 
force is universal and infinitesimal, but it has no sense of figure and 
form, no orientation (needs a Ground).

This nugget came across my screen recently…it kind of makes sense, but I’ll 
leave that to you to interpret.

In Larry Niven’s story “The Kiteman,” we learn that the most important 
maxim in the Smoke Ring is: “East takes you Out, Out takes you West, West 
takes you In, In takes you East. North and South bring you back.”

Parting shot: Relativity is based on frames of reference, while Quantum 
Theory uses digital probability – eigenstates. Like magnetism and 
electricity, they are both the same thing seen from a different frame of 
reference. Together they describe how ‘reference’ is ‘framed’, but they 
both share the same blind spot, which is explaining what ‘ference’ is that 
these frames ‘re-fer’ to. I think that ference can only be one thing – not 
energy, and not information (which are really metaphors for 
spatial-magnetic and temporal-algebraic), but awareness itself: 
sensory-motive aesthetics.

*Some claim there might be magnetic monopoles also.

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