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> To start consider two observers standing next to each other. Do they
> share the same common present moment?
Standing? Well then the answer is no, not if one observer is taller than
the other because then he would be further from the Earth's center than the
other, and then he would be in a weaker gravitational field than the other,
and then time would pass more quickly for him than his shorter friend. The
two wouldn't agree about the distance between 2 events in time. They
wouldn't agree about distance in space either.

> OK, if you agree then you have to take a partial step towards accepting
> my thesis of a common universal present moment. You now must agree that
> there is at least a common universal present moment across the universe for
> all observers in the same relativistic frame.

And it is not enough to find a situation were 2 observers agree,  you say
this thing you call P-time is "absolute and common to all observers across
the universe" so everybody should agree and they don't; or at least they
don't unless your P-time is just the distance between 2 events in
spacetime. Observers might not agree on how far apart in time 2 events are
and they might not agree on how far apart in space 2 events are, but they
always agree on how far apart in spacetime they are.

 John K Clark

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