On 2 January 2014 09:15, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Edgar,
> I believe I may understand your point about a universal present, but it is
> something relativity handles, as far as I can see, without having to
> postulate anything new.  Anything having the same (x, y, z, t) coordinates
> can interact, where t is coordinate time. It seems like you believe that
> because the twins are different ages (in different proper times), that they
> cannot interact. But they can, because each has traced exactly 10 light
> years through space-time (their coordinate times are the same).
> So you might say everything with the same coordinate time, at the same
> place (x, y, z) the same, shares a present moment. But you cannot use this
> fact to extrapolate to spatially separated things sharing a present. For
> this, the definition of a present (what things exist having the same
> coordinate times) differs in different reference frames.

Good luck, Jason!

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