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> >As a lot of people have now pointed out, physics can be local and
>> relistic if time symmetry is valid.
> If time is symmetrical then retro-causality exists, so how can realism
> hold? How can the outcome of a coin flip today have a definite value
> independent of the observer if next year or next millennium someone can
> cause a change in today's coin flip?
> You are the obe who always says "free will" is meaningless. How can anyone
> change anything from how it would otherwise be if they and everything are
> ruled by the deterministic laws?
> The block time view makes this more clear. We can no more change the
> future than change the present or the past.
> The simplest way to understand this is to consider the past. If you look
at the past, you see a perfect example of a block universe, with all the
causal links (in either time direction) embedded in it. Now you just have
to make the mental effort to extend that to the future, and to imagine that
we are embedded, just as King Harold is embedded in 1066. Harold thinks
that he is in a "moving present" but we can see his entire history. It's
all there.  Was he wrong? Yes, he was, we can see that now. Are we wrong?
Ask someone in the next year/day/minute...

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