On 16 Jan 2014, at 17:30, Gabriel Bodeen wrote:

Amanda Gefter wrote:
More importantly, it could offer us a better conceptual grasp of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics defies understanding because it allows things to hover in superpositions of mutually exclusive states, like when a photon goes through this slit and that slit, or when a cat is simultaneously dead and alive. It balks at our Boolean logic, it laughs at the law of the excluded middle. Worse, when we actually observe something, the superposition vanishes and a single reality miraculously unfurls.

Well, a common error: quantum logic (and reality) does obey to the excluded middle. That is why you can havean intuitionist quantum logic (like the comp QL related to Bp & Dt & p, for those who know a bit of AUDA).

Then the author here (Amanda Gefter) seems to believe in the collapse, or in one reality. But I tend to think that the "collapse idea" is a retired idea since the beginning. It is like the danger of cannabis: a rumor spread by some "authorities", but which has never made much sense.

Doubting the "universe"? It is like God, it is an idea to much fuzzy to be doubted. But of course, comp encourages (to say the least) a different approach to it, and to physics. So the text of Amanda is not so bad with that (comp) respect.



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