On 1/16/2014 8:30 AM, Gabriel Bodeen wrote:
Leonard Susskind eventually solved the information paradox by insisting that we restrict our description of the world to either the region of spacetime outside the black hole's horizon or to the interior of the black hole. Either one is consistent—it's only when you talk about both that you violate the laws of physics. This "horizon complementarity," as it became known, tells us that the inside and outside of the black hole are not part and parcel of a single universe. They are /two/ universes, but not in the same breath.

First, Susskind's horizon complementarity is far from accepted as a solution and has various problems. Second, the inside of a black hole is not separate from the outside. Stuff from the outside goes in all the time and the problem Susskind is trying to solve is to explain how it can also come out via Hawking radiation.


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