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> Just stop defending the indefensible islamists and refrain from making
> excuses for them. They are all adults and can speak for themselves. They
> believe what the believe, and it is neither my fault, nor even yours. The
> world is now slowly waking up to what is occuring, even to this day, the
> Japanese. I am sorry that disagreeing with your holy self is considered
> trolling. But thats what makes ball games. Deal with it.
> What "makes the ball game" is people sowing fear and reaping aggression on
> all sides by committing violent acts for political and economic gain, which
> is a threat.
> It's perhaps a fine line between recognizing this fact and falling prey to
> the PR ploy as recognizing the fact brings our own political lines, which
> furthers the ploy's objective, into play.
> Brent made a good point: compare violence to potency of other threats. I'd
> add cui bono, obligatory grain of salt, and maybe we don't need cartoons to
> replace our thinking or humor. PGC
> It would behoove us to at least recognize that the roots of the problems
> in the middle east run deeper than offense at a cartoon.

I used "cartoon" in less than literal sense.

> It is a complex mess with deep historical roots going back to the Ottoman
> period and on through the period of French and British colonial rule. There
> are no easy solutions and the problem is not going away.

What? You don't think if I post my position a few more dozen times, that
the problem will not disappear from the global stage?

Dear Internet of grand opinionage,

I am disappointed in you!


> In order to manage the situation, as it has become, we need to at the very
> least have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the issues and forces
> that are driving resurgent medievalism in the middle east (but not only
> thereā€¦ there is a surge of the medievalist mind in the USA, and I imagine
> to some degree in Western Europe as well)

Freedom includes by definition the right for everybody else to see/express
things their way. Therefore it is not a simple, clear matter to "fight for
freedom of speech", as any form of battle/competition/conflict includes
assumption of restricting/denying/limiting the freedom of the opponent,
which leads to contradiction.

Hence the laws against defamation. True to form of factual concreteness
fetishes, we believe that power will take care of a power problem. Power
marks difference/imbalance relative to some value(s), and using some form
of it to eliminate lesser form is dubious but plausible; if done minimizing
harm at maximum of levels.

The "truth" that western liberal believes 'will establish itself over time'
is problematic in one key sense: *when* *exactly *does the truth of freedom
arrive (kinda sounds like waiting for messiah figure) and should we do
something about the roads collapsing here, economic/political/theological
differences, the people being hurt over there, or the laws and prohibition
trampling freedom for security indefinitely; if so what? And why do we need
all these lawyers if everything is clear? ;-) PGC

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