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> One must question whether the motives were really “to defend our freedom”,
> when in fact the de facto result has been a serious erosion of individual
> liberty. At the very least that is, an ass backwards approach, and it is
> quite easy to imagine a whole slew of rather more sinister motives, which
> the de facto actions of Western governments seem to be more in line with.
> -Chris

Agreed. This reminds me of some minor villain figure in Joseph Conrad's
"The Secret Agent", who reasoned something like:

Manoeuvring fanatic idiots to blow up some political target is too
transparent and no longer effective in funneling more money, power, and
weapons into the right hands.

If we focus on sowing blanket fear more effectively, then it doesn't even
matter which side we're on; everybody gets to legitimize moves towards more
security by force. Resources will flow and flood appropriate markets
accordingly, and the relevant industries will strengthen their foothold.

Therefore, we must steer the idiots to attack seemingly senseless targets
to impart a sense that "they can strike anywhere, anytime"; people will get
lost in the apparent discourses and causal speculation and we get what we
want. The more senseless or confounding the target, the better the

Unfortunately, this fictitious villain from novel published in 1907 is not
that far off the mark, if you compare the recent response to say IRA
attacks in London. Fanatics, freedom, prisoner's dilemma, and the laws that
these sprout... how about hearing more about 900 million people in famine
circumstance and watching those numbers for a change? News is crap. PGC

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