For those who like proof assistants, this is cool:

Proving Cantor's Theorem in Clojure Using LaTTe

*LaTTe* <>* is a Lisp proof assistant 
based on the typed lambda calculus **System-F* 
<>*. It is written in Clojure and 
exposes a powerful DSL for expressing the basic terms of mathematical 
reasoning: definitions, axioms, theorems, and proofs. In this short article 
we're showing how LaTTe can prove — ad absurdum of course — the well known 
Cantor inequality using the diagonal method. In words, given a type T, 
there have to be strictly more sets (predicates) over T than inhabitants of 
T itself. This not hard to prove on paper, indeed **just three lines* 
<>*, but it's awesome 
to see how LaTTe verifies the natural logical steps to obtain the very same 

- pt

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