*A Program to Compute Gödel-Löb Fixpoints*
Melvin Fitting [ http://melvinfitting.org/ ]


*A loose motivation for much of Melvin Fitting's work can be formulated 
succinctly as follows. There are many logics. Our principles of reasoning 
vary with context and subject matter. Multiplicity is one of the glories of 
modern formal logic. The common thread tying logics together is a concern 
for what can be said (syntax), what that means (semantics), and 
relationships between the two. A philosophical position that can be 
embodied in a formal logic has been shown to be coherent, not correct. 
Logic is a tool, not a master, but it is an enjoyable tool to use.*
[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melvin_Fitting ]

also (a bit offbeat):

“Simply Gödel,” Phenomenology, and Monads
Rudy Rucker

- pt

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