The nexus of rationalist thinkers has provided some of the most
incisive writing on proto-nations to date (, but does
this school of thought have sufficient method or heft to lend itself to
providing the fully integrated mental apparatus to use at the foundational
stage of nation design?

For this, we refer to Balaji's well noted "Network State" which emerged
recently with the concept "design a state in VR and then push a button to
deploy," which at least presumably, is backed by sufficient amount of
capital and a cryptocurrency inspired economic model.

For what it's worth, on the product side we built at least the prototype
for the "city design in VR" part, but the relative part of going from
concept to a working system is often a large gap. This requires among other
things, an assessment of the would-be settlers, the ostensible rule of law,
including enforcement mechanisms, and whatever economic model is at play.

Additionally given the perceived lack of available space (at least on a map
it appears to be occupied by existing nations) there is the game theory of
how do existing nations review and respond to these micro-nations eager to
issue their own passports.

I ask this question, in part, because I am thinking of creating some rating
system for these 'startup societies' that includes factors like their
technological sophistication and other factors that might correlate with
long term success. I am, however, at an early enough stage that I have not
decided which factors to include.

Thus the floor is open for anyone with opinions, ideally with a rationalist

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