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*>  I see a double impeachment coming.*

Your trainer, Donald Trump, instructed you to believe that Joe Biden is
corrupt, more corrupt even than Trump himself is. And *monkey see monkey do*.

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> Convicted rapist Donald J Trump has now been indicted for a second time
> for committing felonies. The first time it was by a state court for
> misusing campaign funds by paying a porn star not to tell the world that
> Trump's penis looked like "*a little mushroom*" just before the election.
> And the second time it was by a federal court for violations of the
> espionage act, willful retention of documents, and conspiracy to obstruct
> justice. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if in a few months Trump is
> indicted again, this time in Georgia for interfering with the 2020
> election. I remember back in 2016 in addition to chanting "*I will build
> a wall and make Mexico pay for it*" Trump loved to chant "*lock her up*";
> there is an obvious analogy that Biden could now chant, but I am sure he
> has too much class to do so. Oh well, at least we don't have to face the
> horrors of Hillary Clinton's email server.

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