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                That is incorrect. Schrodinger'sequation, the thing
                that generates the complex wave function, says
                nothing, absolutely nothing, about that wave
                function collapsing, So if you don't like
                philosophical paradoxes but still want to use
                Schrodinger's equation because it always gives
                correct results, you only have 2 options:
                1) You can stick on bells and whistles to
                Schrodinger's equation to get rid of those other
                worlds that you find so annoying even though there's
                no experimental evidence that they are needed.

            >///You can do exactly the same thing the MWI fans do and
            apply the Born rule to predict the probability of your
            world. /

        That is absolutely correct.If you're an engineer and are
        only interested in finding the correct answer to a given
        problem then Shut Up And Calculate works just fine.MWIis
        only needed if you're curious and want to look under the
        hood to figure out what could possibly make the quantum
        realm behave so weirdly.

        Except that in spite of many attempts the application of the
        Born rule isn't found under the hood.

    Is it found in Copenhagen?
    Yes, because Copenhagen explicitly included it and didn't pretend
    the the Schroedinger equation was everything.

If both Interpretations must assume it, I don't see how that's a special weakness of MWI.

But MWI fans assert that it is superior because it doesn't assume the Born rule, only the Schroedinger equation.  I wouldn't claim that the (modern) version of Copenhagen is superior to MWI, I'm just unconvinced of the converse.


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