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*>>> You don't have to be a mathematical realist to believe that adding one
>>> apple to another apple in the bowl gives you two apples.*
>> >> But what about an orange? If you're not a realist and so don't even
>> know if "orange" is a noun or an adjective, and the inside of the bowl is
>> already orange, then adding more orange will change nothing. And if an
>> apple isn't real then why does the bowl weigh more when there are two
>> apples in it then when there was just one? There is no doubt that the Born
>> Rule works, if you're not interested in understanding why it works then you
>> never have to bother with the Many Worlds idea.
> *> I did say mathematical realist. One can believe apples and oranges
> really exist without being a mathematical realist!*

According to Wikipedia "*mathematical realism is the view that mathematical
truths are objective and exist independently of the human mind*". I then
asked the AI Claude and it said something very similar but added that
mathematical realists believe *"Mathematical statements are objectively
true or false. For example, the statement 2 + 2 = 4 is always true,
independent of what any human believes about it*." So you *DO* have to
be a mathematical
realist to believe that adding one apple to another apple in a bowl gives
you two apples.

*> Besides, many worlds gives no understanding of why the Born rule works
> since the Born rule cannot be derived within MWI.*

You've made the same accusation before and I gave a detailed response as to
why I think you are incorrect and why Many Worlds give a better
understanding of why the Born rule is what it is than any other quantum
interpretation. You didn't specifically refute anything I said, you just
waved your hands around and said I was wrong.

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