On Thursday 31 May 2007 16:09, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 17:18 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> [snip]
> > > Single namespace.  It's all INBOX.folder.subfolder.
> > > The one wrinkle is that in some cases 'folder' exists in the namespace,
> > > but is not an actual box or folder (whatever the right term is) on the
> > > server: INBOX.folder.subfolder is a real folder; INBOX.folder is not.
> >
> > I guess just a bug
> I don't have a build environment anymore so I can't easily test this
> patch, but perhaps i will fix your missing folder troubles.
I'm not sure that the names that aren't folders problem is causing any of the 
problems I'm seeing.  While such names don't appear in the folder list on the 
left pane, I also have plenty of ordinary folders that aren't appearing.  And 
the "ghost" folders, along with their children, do show up in the Folder| 
subscription dialogue.

evolution seems to insist on showing only subscribed folders, even when I 
disable the "show only subscribed folders option."

Since the ghost folders aren't folders, there is no way I can subscribe to 
them.  So if I wanted to see only subscribed folders, that might create a 

I was able to start up evo under the debugger on the system that's having 
problems, and this time it worked.  Yay!

I put future breakpoints on camel_store_supports_subscriptions, and (following 
the location of the patches you provided)  imap4_build_folder_info.  I also 
put one on  imap_build_folder_info (a wild guess).

Unfortunately none of these were hit when evo started up and was deciding what 
to show.  I did hit the camel_store_support_subscriptions when I opened the 
Folders | subscriptions dialogue.

I tried creating an "IMAP" type account.  This did hit imap_build_folder_info, 
and it did show all my folders (including ghosts).  Performance seems pretty 

I'm going to stop for now, while I'm ahead.
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