I managed to get evolution 2.10.0 mostly working on Mac OS X.

Note that here on Mac OS X I had to build "" and  
"" as a dynamic library (.dylib) file instead  
of shared object (.so) to get things linked. The .so objects are also  
needed, but I had to create .dylibs for LD to be happy. Generally Mac  
OS X does not like linking to a .so...

But, I now have missing icons, and no errors are being reported  
regarding the missing icons. In previous build attempts, I was also  
missing icons and a was getting an error about hicolor not being  
located (I no longer have the exact message, and I determined that  
there was a problem with my libpixbufloader).  I then rebuilt my  
entire GNOME/GTK and now I do not get any errors, but to my surprise  
the icons are still missing.

Note that Gnumeric (1.6.3) built on the same GNOME/GTK build does not  
have any missing icons, and appears normal.

Can anyone offer a suggestion/hint? I certainly would appreciate it.

Here is a screenshot of Evolution:



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