On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 16:00 -0400, Matt Hollingsworth wrote:
> Hello all,
> I posted this on bugzilla, but was referred to here (actually, if I would 
> have known about this list I would have posted it here first…sorry).
> First, I would like to start off with the fact that I'm more than
> willing to write the plugin that I'm requesting; I just wanted to make sure 
> I'm not redoing some work that others have already done (plus, look for some 
> advice on where to start).  

> At the moment, with Exchange, I am able to pull mail from all my POP accounts 
> into a central mailbox, using Outlook's little "deliver mail here" config 
> option, 

> where "here" in this case is my exchange mailbox.
> Thus, it is actually quite advantageous for me to use POP instead of IMAP,
> because I only have one mailbox to keep up with and back up.  Plus, the email 
> is cleaned off of the pop servers and stuck on my own server, 

> where it's backed up regularly .  
> Now, this could be emulated, plugging in an IMAP folder for an exchange 
> folder.  Basically, one could introduce the same "deliver mail here" dropdown 
> configuration menu into the configuration for Evolution.  In this case, a 
> locally configured IMAP folder (or local folder of course) would be the 
> destination choice.  Outlook's feature actually could be trivially improved 
> by making a per-POP-account configuration, but whatever.
> Either way, is this doable through your plugin framework?  I don't know how
> abstracted away the imap folders are, but it seems like it should be trivial 
> just to add a hook into the receive process that copies it to an IMAP folder 
> instead of the local storage.  I noticed that you can drag and drop emails 
> from the local storage to IMAP folders, so the framework is there, I just 
> need to call it, right?  \

May be you can just create a filter, which will copy/move all the
incoming mails in IMAP to your Exchange Inbox.

If you are specific that you want to make it a plugin, instead of trying
to make a hook, etc., you can write a plugin that adds a new filter to
the existing filters-list. 

In the configure-options for your plugin, you can make it to choose
whichever folder each account should have for "deliver mail here".

The plugin manual is available at

> Thanks for your help :).  I'm seriously itching to shedding off the last 
> thing that is tying me to Windows.
> -Matt
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