That helps considerably; I'll probably end up making a plug-in, just to make
it as convenient as possible.  It doesn't sound too difficult, and I might
as well make it easy, in case anyone else is interested in doing it. 

Thanks for your help!


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On Wed, 2007-08-08 at 16:00 -0400, Matt Hollingsworth wrote:
> Hello all,
> I posted this on bugzilla, but was referred to here (actually, if I would
have known about this list I would have posted it here first.sorry).
> First, I would like to start off with the fact that I'm more than
> willing to write the plugin that I'm requesting; I just wanted to make
sure I'm not redoing some work that others have already done (plus, look for
some advice on where to start).  

> At the moment, with Exchange, I am able to pull mail from all my POP
accounts into a central mailbox, using Outlook's little "deliver mail here"
config option, 

> where "here" in this case is my exchange mailbox.
> Thus, it is actually quite advantageous for me to use POP instead of IMAP,
> because I only have one mailbox to keep up with and back up.  Plus, the
email is cleaned off of the pop servers and stuck on my own server, 

> where it's backed up regularly .  
> Now, this could be emulated, plugging in an IMAP folder for an exchange
folder.  Basically, one could introduce the same "deliver mail here"
dropdown configuration menu into the configuration for Evolution.  In this
case, a locally configured IMAP folder (or local folder of course) would be
the destination choice.  Outlook's feature actually could be trivially
improved by making a per-POP-account configuration, but whatever.
> Either way, is this doable through your plugin framework?  I don't know
> abstracted away the imap folders are, but it seems like it should be
trivial just to add a hook into the receive process that copies it to an
IMAP folder instead of the local storage.  I noticed that you can drag and
drop emails from the local storage to IMAP folders, so the framework is
there, I just need to call it, right?  \

May be you can just create a filter, which will copy/move all the
incoming mails in IMAP to your Exchange Inbox.

If you are specific that you want to make it a plugin, instead of trying
to make a hook, etc., you can write a plugin that adds a new filter to
the existing filters-list. 

In the configure-options for your plugin, you can make it to choose
whichever folder each account should have for "deliver mail here".

The plugin manual is available at

> Thanks for your help :).  I'm seriously itching to shedding off the last
thing that is tying me to Windows.
> -Matt
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