can you try to check what Authentication Type your Exchange account

I had same trouble with Plain Text password, but when I use Secure
Password, then everything seems to work. (Even I had a little issue with
it, I changed Authentication Type, disabled exchange account, closed
Evolution, opened Evolution, re-enabled the exchange account, re-entered
passwords and then GAL starts working.)

With "a little" debugging around, I found that Evolution recognize
nt_domain only when using Secure Password. With basic authentication it
fails to recognize nt_domain, and passes user name without it, so the
authentication to GAL has proper password, but improper user name.

Hope that helps.

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Well, for what it is worth, I have had a lot of trouble with this on
Fedora 8-T3, using  evolution-2.12.0-8.fc8

      So it may not really be new...

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