I just rebuilt my Evo from SVN a few days ago, and somehow the Global
Address List login for evolution-exchange is broken.

I can access my email, and I can access my personal Contacts list.
Works fine.

But, if I try to do ANYTHING that requires access to GAL, I get a
password popup asking me to enter my GAL password.  I enter it (with the
"remember this password" box checked) and the dialog disappears, then
immediately reappears again.  This will happen forever until I Cancel
the dialog, and of course I can't look up anything in the GAL.

And, the next time I open a new email, etc. I get the password dialog

Did something break or change in password handling for evo-exchange and
GAL recently that might account for this?  I never had any problems
accessing the GAL before (aside from the various crashes and things
everyone was seeing back in 2.10 and 2.12.0, that have been fixed

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