Using evolution 2.10 (but with 1.12 backend) on Debian I notice that
when I copy a folder the "flagged as important" is preserved but the
"mark for followup" is not.  I'm guessing most other marks are not
preserved either (though "replied" is preserved).  The code seems to
show a few state variables are all coded into one binary variable; I'm
guessing these are preserved.  They also seem to be stored on the IMAP

My copies were all on or between IMAP servers, using the IMAP server

Is preserving the other elements of message state (e.g., mark for
followup) simply a missing feature, or is there some reason this doesn't
happen?  In particular, is it missing because it's hard to do?

I'm moving significant amounts of mail between servers; unfortunately, I
didn't notice some of the info was being lost until it was too late.

I'm also poking around to see about saving additional state on the IMAP
server; some folks gave me some pointers earlier.

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