Just a thought:

I and I'm sure many of the Evolution developers find themselves
frequently switching between Subversion builds and official releases as
part of our daily work routine, and sometimes I get confused about what
I'm running, especially when bonobo-activatation-server is part of the

I notice we've been doing pre-release version incrementing (bumping the
version number just before a release) for at least as long as I've been
involved with Evolution.  I was wondering if the team would be open to
switching to post-release version incrementing (bumping the version
number just after a release).

The GNOME Live! page [1] goes a bit into why post-release incrementing
is preferred.  In particular:

  "Most everybody used to bump the version number just before the
   release but we've found that bumping just after the release works
   better because people can explicitly require the version number in
   HEAD; i.e. if the last release of gtk+ was 2.5.1 and new API is
   added, its nice for any module that uses that API to immediately
   require gtk+ 2.5.2."

Mainly I would like to see the Evolution version show up as (currently)
2.21.3 when I'm running the latest release and 2.21.4 when I'm running
from HEAD, just as a sanity check.

Not a huge issue, but for me it would be a time saver.

Matthew Barnes

[1] http://live.gnome.org/MaintainersCorner/Releasing

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