On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 10:24 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
> First, my GAL lookups have stopped working again.  They were broken in
> the 2.12 release, but then they got fixed.  Now they don't work again
> for me.  I have a GAL server set up, and I restrict to 500 responses.
> When I first select that server on the contacts screen I don't see any
> names (this is correct I think).  When I enter a name to search for, it
> searches forever and never returns any values.

The team is working feverishly on this.  Others may be able to provide
status better than I can.

> Second, there's some very weird, annoying constant redrawing of the
> window when I'm reading mail.  Every time I click on a new message the
> entire window is readjusted up, then down again, by a few pixels: this
> includes every panel such as the folder list, the summary, AND the
> actual email display panel.  If it matters, I'm using the "Vertical
> View" mode on my widescreen monitor (Merry Christmas to me!)

I'm seeing it too.  I think it's because of the new cancel button in
status messages.  Looks like some padding around the button is making
the status bar grow a few pixels higher, pushing everything else up.
Should be simple to fix and I'm sure it will be by the next release.

Matthew Barnes

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