Hi all;

I'm getting a build failure in Evo and gtkhtml with the latest glib:

        editor-control-factory.c: In function 'editor_get_prop':
        editor-control-factory.c:463: error: expected expression before 'do'

Apparently, the latest glib broke the libbonobo from Gnome 2.20, so if
you install the latest glib you also need the latest libbonobo.

Do the changes that were recently committed for Evo, etc. to support the
new libsoup 2.4 REQUIRE that version?  Will those changes still work
with the older version?

If the current SVN head requires libsoup 2.4, which requires a new glib,
then we should update configure.in on the Evo components that use
libsoup to also require a new-enough libbonobo.  I just did an SVN
checkout and the current HEAD version is 2.20.4; I don't know if any
2.20 version is good enough or what.

Hope this helps someone else!  I'll update my makefile with the
appropriate info once I get things working again.

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