I just started developing a custom addressbook(1) backend and have a few
questions regarding the API. First I wonder about the functions
get_contact_list, get_contact and get_changes. They don't seem to be
used by evolution. Are there applications around that use them? Do bad
things happen if I don't implement them (set the callback to NULL)?

The other thing I can't get to work is authentication. If I abort an
action with GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_AuthenticationRequired then
evolution is simply displaying me an error message. I would have
expected that it asks me for username and password and calls the
authenticate_user callback. How can I get this working?


(1): If you wonder about what sort of backend I'm hacking: I'm
scratching an itch after failing to setup openldap/groupdav servers
correctly. I'm hacking a backend that works on a simple webdav server
(no groupdav extensions needed) it probably won't scale for thousands of
addresses has race conditions (an address might theortically appear
twice if 2 users modify it at the exact same time) but you can use any
webdav server and it already works nicely and fast for my 50 personal

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