On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 17:02 +1000, Greg Vickers wrote:
> I'm hopeful that using the latest version of Evolution will mean that
> I can talk Exchange MAPI to the Exchange 2007 server that we recently 
> moved to...

Nope, sorry :-(.

I mean, getting the latest version is a prerequisite for that, but the
result of this build won't include the MAPI backend for Evolution.  I
haven't looked into this at all yet.  Before you can build that backend
you need to obtain and install the libmapi library, for example, and I
don't know where that is or how to build it.

I do know that there are pre-built packages (RPMs?  Even if so you can
use "alien" to convert them to tarballs or even DEB packages) available
for download.  Check the archives of these lists for more information.
I haven't tried these steps so I don't know.
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