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Paul Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 17:02 +1000, Greg Vickers wrote:
>> I'm hopeful that using the latest version of Evolution will mean that
>> I can talk Exchange MAPI to the Exchange 2007 server that we recently
>> moved to...
> Nope, sorry :-(.
> I mean, getting the latest version is a prerequisite for that, but the
> result of this build won't include the MAPI backend for Evolution.  I
> haven't looked into this at all yet.  Before you can build that backend
> you need to obtain and install the libmapi library, for example, and I
> don't know where that is or how to build it.
> I do know that there are pre-built packages (RPMs?  Even if so you can
> use "alien" to convert them to tarballs or even DEB packages) available
> for download.  Check the archives of these lists for more information.
> I haven't tried these steps so I don't know.

Thanks, I didn't think it would include that plugin, I do have libmapi 
0.6 installed and are working with the developers to give v0.7 a shot on 
this box.

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