On Wed, 2008-05-21 at 20:24 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> Fudging the linked list in camel is a gross hack (made worse by the
> fact that the MIME specification does not dictate that the name param
> be last), this is why I suggested you do it in the composer by making
> it set the name parameter last when constructing the headers.

My intention was simply to have the most potential code benefit from the
patch, as opposed to localizing a fix in a client of the library.  The
real benefit to the patch is that it will prevent users from assuming
(rationally, even though incorrectly) that there is a problem with
_their_ client, since other clients happen to work.

I would love to just see the right thing get fixed here; that would of
course be the ideal solution.  However, most users wouldn't be able to
fix this issue, and they'd give up and go back to what they know---that
which they *perceive* to be functional.  Of course, if it's fixed in
just the composer, that gets around the immediate issue, but what
happens if some other piece of code uses EDS to build a message to be
sent to a buggy server?  Am I missing something?


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