Hi all,

When Evolution on DirectFB is run the task summary , memo summary appears
black but
 when click on the click-to-add it appears white as expected.

Investigating the source code has revealed that this part is formed in e*
volution-2.12/widgets/tables* e-table.c
 in *e_table_setup_table() *function using the function *e_canvas_new ()* ,
Are there any modes for this
 canvas generated using this  function , like gnome canvas has
gnome_canvas_new() -GDK mode and
gnome_canvas_new_aa () - RGB mode ;

I need to know if these canvases can be generated using gnome_canvas_new()
or gnome_canvas_new_aa() ?
Is this possible ? because using e_canvas_new() is causing the problem ; or
i wanted  Know an "aa" (antialiased) mode of operation
using this function. lke in gnome_canvas_new.

or  I need to know if this GNOME Applications Library e_canvas has any
functions to re-paint ?

Any pointers in this regard wil be of great help..

Awating your inputs , & Thanking you'll in advance.

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