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I have an email account under my own DNS name with a web hosting
provider and I use a cable ISP to access the net. I using Evolution on
Linux to get my mail from my web hosting provider. My cable ISP was
letting send mail with my DNS address in the 'From' field but now is
not. The workaround they give does not work and their big enough to lose
you in bureaucracy. 

Should I be able to get around them by doing something like the
following found in "Debian's Reference"? 

9.5.2 Port forwarding for SMTP/POP3 tunneling

To establish a pipe to connect to port 25 of remote-server from port
4025 of localhost, and to port 110 of remote-server from port 4110 of
localhost through ssh, execute on the local machine:

     # ssh -q -L 4025:remote-server:25 4110:remote-server:110 \
                [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This is a secure way to make connections to SMTP/POP3 servers over the
Internet. Set the AllowTcpForwarding entry to yes
in /etc/ssh/sshd_config of the remote host. 

If I can use this, how do I configure Evolution to access these ports? 


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