Hi guys,

we (Mandriva) are currently trying to do some cleanups in a lot of
packages regarding overlinking and underlinking for dynamic libraries
(see http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Underlinking and
http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Overlinking for more explanations).

Unfortunately, Evolution can't be built with underlinking checks because
of the somehow strange split in some dynamic libraries in evolution.

It seems a11y part of various widgets was developed in a separate
subdirectory (a11y) which create a separate dynamic library for each
main component of evolution (addressbook, calendar, etc..).

Unfortunately, those a11y components are "underlinked" with evolution
"main" components and can't be used as "standalone" dynamic libraries
(which is usually what you expect from a dynamic library, when it is not
supposed to be dlopened). It can't be correctly linked at build time,
since "main" components are linked with evolution a11y library and you'd
get a nice dependency loop in Makefile.

Is there any reason for libevolution-a11y to be installed on the system
as a dynamic library ?

Wouldn't it be simpler to tell libtool to not install it and let it link
the relevant part of a11y code directly in "main" components dynamic
library, as a static library ?

Frederic Crozat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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