On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 15:20 +0530, svalbard colaco wrote:
> Hi Milan
> Thanks ...
> I actually want to Know the first view where its writen "Double_click
> here to create a new contact"
> the source code for it.
> here i can double-click on the canvas and add entries. right?
> so is  it the table or mini card now??
> once i make entries the entire canvas changes color.... red/brown
> etc...
> so i need to Know wer to debug..
> Thanks & Regards
> sv.

just open one of them and search there.
The one is addressbook/gui/widgets/e-minicard-view.c: in function
'set_empty_message' is this text set, but I'm not sure how much this
will help you.

I guess the canvas changed its color because the drawing of the minicard
left it in some state, like set different color or something, but it
doesn't do this on Linux, so possibly something out of evolution? 

Just a guessing, I can be definitely wrong.

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