>      * Move Evolution licensing to  "LGPL v2 and LGPL v3" to let us re-use 
> the code more easily around the platform.  This also moves us closer to 
> Thunderbird's MPL/LGPL model.

I am told that you guys have found some of my code in Evolution that
is gpl2 (only) and that you would like to have it re-licensed to dual
lgpl2 (only) and lgpl3 (only).  We are talking about code that arrived
in Evolution via GAL, notably code in e-colors.c, e-table-col.c, and
some table tests.  There might very well be more.

You are welcome to use that code and, in fact, any of my code that
used to be in GAL under the dual lgpl2/lgpl3 license.

Morten Welinder
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