> Thanks for the great update on this Matt. Its going to be a tough time
> for many of us for the next couple of months. That's one reason, I asked
> you to look at Camel/Gobject stuff for 2.27.x. May be, we have too many
> things to do, which would take more than a 6-month cycle? May be a
> bigger GNOME 3.0 schedule might fit us well to revamp most of Evolution
> [Split it, Kill bonobo, Write Accounts well etc]. Anyways, just some
> thoughts.

I'm curious to see how this all pans out. We have multiple movements on
replacing or deprecating EDS, and EDS it's self is going through an
interesting transition.

I've always felt that instead of working on gnome/evolution specific
data backends. It might be better to have something in the
freedesktop.org area that is able to support multiple clients in
interesting and new ways.

Although I'm not holding my breath for Anakondi; these kinds of platform
things need to be developed neutrality and I don't think that project
has all the boxes checked.

My own research project to see if d-bus based data services are useful
and efficient enough: https://www.launchpad.net/coisas

Regards, Martin

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