On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 13:35 +0530, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:
> Thanks for the great update on this Matt. Its going to be a tough time
> for many of us for the next couple of months. That's one reason, I asked
> you to look at Camel/Gobject stuff for 2.27.x. May be, we have too many
> things to do, which would take more than a 6-month cycle? May be a
> bigger GNOME 3.0 schedule might fit us well to revamp most of Evolution
> [Split it, Kill bonobo, Write Accounts well etc]. Anyways, just some
> thoughts.

A roadmap to 3.0 and beyond is a great idea.  We definitely have some
ambitious projects underway, and I think it'd be wise to pace ourselves
and plan ahead so we're not creating too much disruption in a single
release cycle.

As each project lands in trunk it's going to create shock waves for the
other projects that haven't yet, causing rework and possibly delays.
And while I think we'd agree that MAPI is the most important feature on
the table right now (from a business perspective, at least), I fear the
Bonobo removal will likely cause the most severe shock waves for

That's why I'm eager to finish this quickly (but responsibly) instead of
dragging it out and causing greater disruption for the more interesting
and user-visible features you mentioned above.


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