This is my first post to a mailing list, and I wasn't sure if this
should be posted in the general questions or in the 'evolution-hacks'
section. I will try to be brief with my question. 

I subscribe to a lot of rss and podcast. I use evolution to handle my
rss and email, and use Gpodder for my podcast client. I like having
everything I need available in one client, but as far as I know,
evolution doesn't have the capabilities to handle podcast. 

My question is, would it be possible to incorporate Gpodder as a plug-in
for evolution. I like the look and feel of evolution. Is there a way to
'add' Gpodder to the 'switcher' along with Calander, Contacts, Memos,
Mail and Tasks? This way, everything I need would be available in one
client; integrated mail, address book, calendaring functionality, rss
client and podcast client. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for helping
develop a great application such as Evolution.


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