Hi Trenton,

Welcome, don't worry. Your question is in the right place.

> I subscribe to a lot of rss and podcast. I use evolution to handle my
> rss and email, and use Gpodder for my podcast client. I like having
> everything I need available in one client, but as far as I know,
> evolution doesn't have the capabilities to handle podcast. 

Yes, there is a sort of mad reasoning for keeping media and
communication databases, somewhat separate.

> My question is, would it be possible to incorporate Gpodder as a plug-in
> for evolution. I like the look and feel of evolution. Is there a way to
> 'add' Gpodder to the 'switcher' along with Calander, Contacts, Memos,
> Mail and Tasks? This way, everything I need would be available in one
> client; integrated mail, address book, calendaring functionality, rss
> client and podcast client. 

I wouldn't like to see it myself. I find the idea of having rss to be
over the hill and into the next valley. But the idea of handling media
as well, perhaps duplicating functionality in Rythembox, just doesn't
sit right with me.

The application that can handle everything is called the OS, the plugins
are called applications. You can take a look at Emacs or Firefox as
examples of what happens when you go a little crazy with the idea of
replacing everything with plugins to your favourite program.

Regards, Martin

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