Hi Matthew,
Thanks a lot for your quick response !
The "log issue" is resolved by your suggestion :)
About those widgets, I also found the link you posted. Unfortunatelly, seems 
only few information are included inside.
I'm not so experienced on Gnome/GTK+ programming and the source code of these 
widgets are too abstract to understand..
I don't know if anyone could give me a simple brief introduction about 
e-tree/e-table/etc...what can they do? or some simple figure? Where to start to 
understand them? Anyway, any help will be highly appreciated..
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> On Sat, 2009-01-31 at 21:51 +0800, 马洁 wrote:
> > I'm totally new to Evolution development. But I'm interested in it.
> > I have got the source code, made a few changes and compiled it. Now I
> > can get my Evolution to run in Ubuntu. My question is: how could I
> > enable the log of Evolution? I find some quick guide from below link,
> > but seems it doesn't provide the information I need. I mean, I need
> > much more logs to understand how evolution works, such as those
> > logs defined in functions of message-list.c..Any suggestion? 
> > http://projects.gnome.org/evolution/bugs.shtml
> If the "logs" you're referring to are the d(printf(...)) statements
> throughout the code, look at the top of message-list.c for:
>    #define d(x)
> and change it to
>    #define d(x) x
> That will enable the debug messages in message-list.c only.  You'll then
> have to rebuild Evolution.
> > P.S. Do you know where could I find any documents about
> > e-tree/e-table/e-cell -- the widgets under dictionary
> > "widgets/table/"? This is the first time I met these libraries,they
> > are difficult to understand.. Looking forward to your help.. Thanks a
> > lot!
> Long ago those widgets were once part of the GNOME Applications Library
> (GAL), a library which never really caught on and Evolution wound up
> subsuming.  I managed to collect what API documentation I could find on
> it and posted it here:
> http://projects.gnome.org/evolution/developer-doc/gal/index.html
> Not sure if there's enough documentation there to be helpful, but that's
> all there is.
> Matthew Barnes
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